Sunday, August 9, 2015

The bestest TIME ever!

And I close my eyes…I rollback my memories to the time when I used to live free…the time when I could not utter words and yet convey what I wanted….the time when my activities were noticed….the time when after a fall I could cry…the time when jumping up in the air was the happiest moment …the time when food used to come running to me and I used to run away…the time I din’t have to bother about stains on my clothes after eating…the time you sang and ran fingers over my hairs and suddenly I used to sleep…the time when sleeping over the blanket was soothing….the time I din’t have to worry what to wear….the time I could sleep whenever I felt tired…the time when looking out of the windows was my right to live…the time you had to carry me everywhere…the time when I was searched for if I was hiding behind the curtains…the time when you had to act stupid just to bring a smile on my face…the time when instead of saying goodbye I used to cry…the time when you saved me from going near to danger…the time when holding your fingers ensured safety…the time when my kisses were considered prizes…the time when you looked so young and strong!
If only I could just bring that time back somehow and hold it forever! Why did I wish to grow old :’(

Love you both!!!

Thursday, July 28, 2011

Tennis ball

Catching the bus on a last working day is one of the most awaited event out of the whole working week for people like us. And if somehow that last working day is a thursday then it adds up to the joy of catching the bus. Yes you are right, i am talking about the last thursday (30th april).
I saw people carrying bags with them, and rushing towards their respective buses with a zeal. I was walking towards that notice board which had the details of which bus you should board for your ‘room’ (room is a place where you stay).
The bus to my ‘room’ was scheduled to depart at 7:15pm. It was already 7:00pm. The bus which i had to board was standing infront of me. But i dint feel like boarding it. I wished i could have stayed back to my seat and dont have to go to my ‘room’ , but no one was there in my cubicle, so no other option.
Just then a beautiful girl came rushing towards notice board, her head was tilted to hold the phone between her ears and left shoulder.
Excuse me please
I moved away from the notice board, she saw the boarding details, then rushed to search for her bus.
I saw the time and it was 7:12, i started walking towards my bus. There was a small queue infront of my bus to sign that attendance sheet. She was boarding the bus standing next to mine and was also standing in queue infront of her bus (still the head was tilted).
I waved good bye to her, she smiled and waved back and boarded her bus, on any other day i would have left my bus and would have joined her to drop her to her ‘room’ safely.
But not today!!!
I went inside my bus and sat in the last, just then my phone started ringing, i picked up the phone and he asked
This is the last time i am asking you, you are coming or not???
no Vaibhav, i told you i cant come i have got some work to do this weekend“, i said
Stupid, tirupathy is a holy place, come n wash your sins
Thanks for your concern , i will add some more and then wash them together” i put down the phone.
Just for your sake let me explain you the situation, it was a long weekend and everybody was going out of their ‘room’s, some to bangalore, some to yelagiri, some to tirupati and so n so. However i had got some work to do, so could not go out of my ‘room’ , and hence a bit dejected.
I reached my ‘room’ had dinner and slept. Next morning when i was going out to buy the milk, i saw a brand new tennis ball in the bushes of my neighbour’s garden. My neighbours are old couple and a tennis ball in their garden was something very strange. That tennis ball brought a smile to my face. I jumped over the bushes and picked the tennis ball. I reached my ‘room’ after buying milk.
I took out the Tennis Ball from my pocket and started admiring it.
As a kid i was fond of cricket and used to play a lot with tennis ball.
We used to play in the ‘bada (big) ground’ ,  i remembered the days we used to have matches with other colony’s kids. And the deal used to be, whoever loses the match would pay for this Tennis ball and would also purchase a new tennis ball and  the winners used to take two tennis balls with them. That was an absolute fun!!!
But there was a problem, that ‘bada ground’ had a small n deep pit  and some times the ball would fall into that pit and everthing would be over. No more cricket.
It was very disheartening. I remembered the dreams i used to  get while sleeping in those days. I would dream like, there are so many tennis balls in the balcony of my ‘home’ (home is a place where you used to LIVE and stay together), and when i would get up in the morning i would rush to my balcony with a zeal to see if those dreamy tennis balls were really there. Sometimes i would dream of finding the tennis balls in the bushes of my neighbours’s garden and just because of those dreams i put up the habit of roaming into the places nearby to gardens.
Tring tring….
My phone rang again!!!
I picked the phone to hear orders from my ‘room’ owner that some people would be coming to whitewash the ‘room’ so please co-operate.
Those people came and asked me to shift my possessions from one room to another so that they can paint the rooms. I placed my bed into the other room and started playing with that tennis ball, hitting it against the wall and catching it back.
Sometimes i would jump of my bed to catch the ball and the painters would laugh at me.
Finally by the evening they finished their work. Then i remembered that i had to meet my cousin’s manager.
I called that manager, her wife picked the phone and asked for authorization.
I am Mohit , Pradeep’s cousin , he told me that Mr. Subramaniyam will be coming to India this weekend. Has he come?
Luckily Mr. Subramaniyam took the phone from her wife (i dont know why some females are so obsessed with phone, suffering from nomophobia may be!!!)
and he asked me
Can you meet me today evening?.
“Ok, Sir i will be there soon.” I got ready and took that tennis ball with me.
I started towards Mr. Subramaniyam ‘home’.
I reached T.Nagar (Ideal Place for managers to stay) and rang the bell. A small kid came running towards the door and opened it, he had a cricket bat in his hand.
“Hi thambi, where is your dad”.
Mr. Subramanyiam came and shook hands with me. I talked to him about the official work of my cousin for half an hour (In between hearing the voices of his wife talking on the phone in the other room). Just then that small kid came running and said that he has lost his tennis ball in the bushes and asked his father to find it. Mr. Subramaniyam raised his nose at his son.
“Ok sir, i should start now it is getting late, and you dont worry i will find that tennis ball i m quite perfect in finding tennis balls”
Mr. Subramaniyam was a bit surprised.
“So, thambi where u hit the ball ???”
I went with the kid towards the bushes of his garden. I told him to search in the other corner, and he went there.
I dropped my dreamy tennis ball into the bushes, and after some time i shouted.
“thambi, i found your tennis ball”
He came running towards me, with his bat on his shoulder, he picked the tennis ball, noticed the ball carefully and was about to speak something!
I ran my fingers into his hair , disarranging them and said “it is yours thambi, keep it”
A wide smile came to his face, and he ran away inside his ‘home’.
I came back to my ‘room’ . Watched my neighbour’s garden. No tennis ball was there. I smiled and went to sleep after sometime. Hoping to find the “tennis ball” in the balcony of my ‘home’.

Sunday, July 24, 2011

Life is a journey!

Life is a journey. A journey through a road you have not come across before. It's a long journey. Sometimes the road is lonely, nobody is alongside to travel with you. Sometimes there are digs/pits on the road. Sometimes the road is divided into two ways and you are not sure which one to take next.

But one thing which is sure is, that the road does not end anywhere. It is you who might think of stopping in between, however the road still exists. To live is to learn to travel on this road. Sometimes you need to run, sometimes you stroll, sometimes you meet someone who walks along with you, sometimes that companion changes route. But you need to travel, the important thing is to travel as much as you could, because you never know how long the road is.

The longer you travel, more you see what really exists. SO KEEP TRAVELLING :)

WhY dOeS iT hApPeN tO mEEEEE

It was just a normal day nothing special to start with, as usual Avisek came to my place rang d bell, i cud hear the bell but cudnt open the door as i was still in bathroom, so he started.I finished, came out n wore my same old clothes (dont laugh somebody gifted them to me :P). Started running towards the boarding point to catch the bus.Finally i got into the bus, the passengers gave me disgusted looks… I somehow managed to walk thru n then just sat next to Avisek. i just quietly shouted at him “y cant u wait for me to come”.For a moment he turned his face to me n then showed me the extent to which he can open his eyes, i decided better to drop the idea of teaching him friendship ethics.
     The bus started i signed on the sheet for both me n avisek (just to return my favor for his ringing d bell for me).We reached office, had breakfast then left for our seats.i reached my seat …”allocation” mail was on the top.I started opening the excel-word sheets, notepads…started working,when i work i think no body can match me :D …nyways!!!
Suddenly someone throwed his id card to my seat i put off my earphones i turned back n saw Nitin’s angry face…i confessed to him n said “i dont know how the time went past…. this rule is really tough to code yar… ok no problem we will go for lunch its already 1:30″ . I feel a sense of achievement when he gives his thinnest possible smile.So we started to move to phase 1 for lunch.
We finished our so called lunch, and as a custom we went to the basketball court n started our routine talks “Ghazini broke all records…Ranbir is d next big thing…blaw blaw blaw”
SUDDENLY out of nowhere i saw her…i cant tell u how i felt…i focussed my eyes on her,she was alone.(Perfect situation to try upon her ;) ) i kept watching her (she was too busy to notice this) i gave Abhinav a clap for his joke n somehow managed to change my position to have a clear view of her. I dont know y i think she was also not aware of the surroundings the way she was walking made me feel so :) .Oops she is going away… I could not resist my self of accosting her so i announced “wait yar” n i started moving towards her. I heard voices like “oh no not again”. I started following her…never had i seen such a cat walk. She was going out of the office campus i dont know y…
Suddenly i said “HEY…..” she stopped.My heart was pounding.I dont think i spoke too loud so that she can hear it. But i think she heard it.She looked back.Our eyes met.To my surprise she dint speak but she started walking briskly, it is the worst situation when u have to follow someone who is ignoring u :( .But i put aside my ego n followed her. After few more steps she turned left leaving the road aside and headed towards bushes…i dint want to loose her.
But to my surprise she stopped. My Mind was blank i dint know what to do. She jumped over the broken cemented seat in an unusual way n sat showing her back to me. I congratulated myself i told myself i had a chance today. Somehow i gathered all my courage n went near to her. I said “HEY……” again, she slowly moved her face n looked at me with her beautiful green eyes.I said “how r u”….she dint reply and turned her back again towards me, i thought she was not in a mood of any conversation with a stranger (like most of girls:P) but luckily for me she dint move n stayed there only. I dropped all SRK’s ideas of talking to girls. I pulled out my phone out of my pocket n started my CAMERA. I turned the phone silent n hurriedly started clicking. She dint turn around (too busy in her own world i think) i was not happy with the photos… all showed her back only. I wanted one photo of her face,her green eyes.
I sat down there waiting for her to just turn around once. After few moments she turned around looked at me n smiled. I was so happy i cant tell u. I also gave a innocent smile. But my past experiences ran into my mind. So i thought better not to loose this chance. I artfully clicked one photo of her face,her green eyes!!! I think the clarity of that photo is still more clear in my mind rather than that camera!!!
I was so happy!!! I wanted to thank her…First time in my life i succeeded, i thought of going to her and thank her for her kindness to me… i felt that i am not that bad!!!
BUT …something else was written in my fate.
I still remember the bus… it was 21H(Broadway to Kelambakkam).It was coming so fast …
It went ….i dont know what happened to her!!! She screamed MEEOOOOOOOOW MEEOOOOOOOOW…and ran away into the bushes.It was not only her who went (her tail swinging like a kite) !!!And all i was left with was a phone which showed her green eyes n her small tongue slipping out of her mouth….I dont have any issues to that green eyed beauty….But all i want to know is “WHY DOES IT HAPPEN TO MEEEEEE????”